We develop technology to bring digital efficiency into the physical world, supporting consumer products businesses and making them thrive in the new economy.



We are purpose-driven founders with decades of experience and deep industry knowledge in enterprise software, retail, science, telecom, CPG, and more. 

Min Chen


Carnegie Mellon software engineering and UC Berkeley Haas School of Business alum, Fulbright scholarship recipient with 20 years of experience in digital transformation helping global companies in several countries.


Min has received a myriad of global awards, such as Nasdaq Milestone Maker, United Nations JCI TOYP, Most Influential Business Woman, and more. 

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Rick Chen


A serial entrepreneur and Founder Institute Fellow with 17 years of experience.


Rick started his first company at the age of 12 and has implemented mission-critical technology projects in The Philippines, Ukraine, USA and Panama.

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Nelida Gomez


30 years of experience in research and innovation management at The Smithsonian Institute, Latin American Development Bank (CAF) and other international organizations.

Nelida has a doctorate degree from the TU Braunschweig and master’s degree on Innovation from the University of Queensland.

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Orlando Reyes


22 years of experience in the CPG, retail and telecom industries in sales and marketing executive positions.


Regarded as a thought leader in innovation, Orlando is frequently invited as a keynote speaker by influential organizations, ministers and presidents from different countries.

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